Proptech, the industry consolidates in Italy but needs more customer care

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18.11.2022 1 minuto di lettura

Dario Cardile, CEO and co-founder of Kaaja, spoke in the Newsletter of Il Sole 24 Ore, about the consolidation of the real estate sector thanks to the technology and the centrality of the customer in the transaction, both seller and buyer. 

"Business needs to be focused on 5 concepts: empathy, respect, simplicity, communication and focus on customer needs, simplifying the entire sales process. The proptech will have to go more and more towards the centrality of the customer"

The intervention can be read in the edition of 18/11/2022 of Il Sole 24 Ore.


Kaaja is the Italian proptech that firstly digitized the entire process of home buying and selling. Fast, secure and transparent, the Company offers a very innovative process, leveraging on the best in class technology - blockchain included - and qualified agents. Founded by Dario Cardile and Paolo Castelletti in February 2021 - back in Italy after an experience in the US market - its mission is to dramatically simplify the buying and selling process.

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