Proptech 360 - From real estate auctions to the blockchain for real estate transactions: Dario Cardile talks about Kaaja

“We had to overcome the distrust of real estate agents, but we improve their work”, says Dario Cardile, founder of Kaaja. Which is now accelerating on technologies: "We are the first in Italy to use the blockchain to guarantee security and traceability of real estate transactions"

9.05.2022 1 minuti di lettura

Distrust was the first obstacle for Kaaja to overcome. “There are situations and relationships in the real estate sector that die hard, the agents didn't understand our service well and we thought we wanted to disintermediate them. In reality, they finally understood that our platform is at their service, and that it works only if accompanied by the professionalism and competence of the agent, so we do not disintermediate him but provide him with a whole series of tools that simplify his life and Work. At zero fixed costs ".

This is the first aspect that highlights Dario Cardile, founder together with Paolo Castelletti of Kaaja, a company specializing in real estate services and online auctions between individuals, when asked what are the main difficulties they had to face in starting and then developing the their business.

Once the distrust of many professionals and real estate agents has been overcome, Kaaja - founded in October 2020 with the name of HomesToPeople - now presses the accelerator on technological and digital world resources and potential: in recent weeks it has launched an extraordinary component of its platform, using the Blockchain system to certify the whole process.

“We are the first in Italy to use the Blockchain to guarantee security and traceability of real estate transactions”, remarks Cardile.

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Kaaja is the Italian proptech that firstly digitized the entire process of home buying and selling. Fast, secure and transparent, the Company offers a very innovative process, leveraging on the best in class technology - blockchain included - and qualified agents. Founded by Dario Cardile and Paolo Castelletti in February 2021 - back in Italy after an experience in the US market - its mission is to dramatically simplify the buying and selling process.

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