Kaaja notarizes real estate properties on the blockchain

An absolute innovation in Italy, it aims to simplify buying and selling ensuring total transparency.

9.05.2022 1 minuti di lettura

Kaaja, proptech that has over 200,000 subscribers and dozens of successfully conducted auctions, announces another innovative, secure and transparent solution to simplify real estate sales in Italy, the notarization of all properties on the blockchain.

This means the association to each property of a true digital identity, where the blockchain itself guarantees speed of use, security and transparency.
Since today, Kaaja users will be able to verify the authenticity and traceability of all information published online, as well as - when fully operational - also the consultation of all offers, the winning of properties and the preliminary sales documents.
The one introduced by Kaaja is an absolute innovation in Italy, and aims to push forward the Italian real estate sector with the aim of making the process of buying and selling a property even simpler and more transparent.

"We are proud to lead the way of blockchain certification of real estate information by bringing this important innovation to a sector, such as that of Italian real estate, which is constantly evolving - comments Paolo Castelletti CMO and Founder Kaaja - Kaaja's mission since its inception is to simplify and make real estate sales more transparent, combining professionalism and technology: thanks to the introduction of this novelty, we are giving a further and important push towards the practical use of technologies that fulfill our mission ".

Blockchain technology already has many applications in different sectors, thanks to its characteristics of inalterability and tracking. Even the processes of buying and selling real estate, now largely managed in a traditional way, can benefit from the use of this technology, not only through a verification of the correctness of the documentation, but also by notarizing it on the blockchain, and therefore making unalterable its digital identity.

"In real estate buying and selling today we find various critical issues, including lack of transparency in the evaluation phase, excessive use of paper, possible fraud and errors in public records or the lack of traceability of all offers. The blockchain removes the need for paper support for recording these data - thus leading to an acceleration in the identification of the details of the asset being traded and the drafting of contracts - continues Dario Cardile, CEO and Cofounder Kaaja - We do not exclude in fact that in the near future, our databases will help to record, monitor and transfer titles, deeds, privileges, etc. with the guarantee that all data is accurate and verifiable. "


Kaaja is the Italian proptech that firstly digitized the entire process of home buying and selling. Fast, secure and transparent, the Company offers a very innovative process, leveraging on the best in class technology - blockchain included - and qualified agents. Founded by Dario Cardile and Paolo Castelletti in February 2021 - back in Italy after an experience in the US market - its mission is to dramatically simplify the buying and selling process.

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