FIMAA-Kaaja agreement: when innovation meets competence servicing real estate agents

15.03.2022 2 minuti di lettura

The agreement signed by FIMAA (Italian Federation of Business Agents Mediators) and Kaaja, the proptech helping agencies to simplify and speed up sales, was created with the aim of best supporting the ongoing change in purchasing habits in the real estate sector.

The innovative Kaaja process meets these new needs supporting FIMAA agents with technological and marketing tools and with its staff able to best respond to the different customers' needs.

Kaaja's mission is to support real estate agencies and their clients to sell and buy homes quickly and at the best market price, simplifying the whole process, providing agents with innovative digital technologies, a marketing team able to find and select the most suitable buyers (domestic and foreign) and an efficient support team available 7 days a week for customers and agents.

Kaaja supports the most sophisticated real estate agencies that want to leverage innovative digital services to better serve their customers, without fixed costs of any kind.

Kaaja offers to FIMAA agents:
  • Innovative and always cutting-edge technology that accompanies agents from booking visits to drafting the purchase proposal or preliminary
  • Marketing campaigns to advertise the property entirely paid for by Kaaja
  • An online marketing team with over 20 years of experience in the sector and an operations team to support the customer and the agent 7 days a week

FIMAA agents will continue to manage the relationship with the sellers (and therefore the mandate), but will make use of a competent team and an innovative platform to maximize the returns of their customers and their commissions quickly.

“We believe that Kaaja can really provide innovative digital support to our associates” - says Ivano Venturini, FIMAA National Executive Councilor - “The digital transformation is affecting all sectors and ours will not be exempt. Therefore, equipping agents with cutting-edge technology and digital marketing can support our associates with faster, safer and more transparent sales".

Kaaja provides agents and their customers with an innovative process:
  • Fast: the properties are on the market only for a limited time, focusing marketing efforts on the acquisition of qualified customers
  • Transparent: the property documents are available online and visible to registered users also to facilitate the loan request (or pre-approved)
  • Safe: the offers are visible online to all participants and stored in the proprietary management software, soon also on the blockchain
  • Professional: the best technologies to support the best agents to offer excellent service to all customers - whether digital natives or not

"This agreement represents a concrete step towards the digitalisation of the profession, where the real estate agents confirm the centrality of thier role in the deed of sale, without ever lacking the human approach. The agreement with FIMAA aims to anticipate technological change and make the sector of online private auctions increasingly transparent, fast and competitive ", says Dario Cardile, Founder and CEO of Kaaja.

For FIMAA agents Kaaja offers a FREE TRIAL for the first mandate:
  • Publishing costs: € 0 (instead of € 500)
  • 0% Seller Commissions (the agent retains the entire seller fees)
  • Buyer Commissions: 50% (the agent retains 50% of the buyer fees)

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Kaaja is sponsor of the Fimaa Stati Generali, which will take place from 24 to 26 March in Florence.


Kaaja is an Italian proptech company that has created the first platform to support real estate Servicers and Investors through solutions that support them throughout the entire management and sale process of real estate properties. The company offers an entirely innovative process through the best digital technologies and highly qualified professionals. Launched by Dario Cardile and Paolo Castelletti in February 2021, after their experience in the US market, Kaaja aims to simplify real estate sales and management in Italy.

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