Dario Cardile’s speech during the Story Time broadcast to talk about Kaaja

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24.11.2022 1 minuti di lettura

Dario Cardile, CEO and co-founder of Kaaja, was invited to participate in a radio talk at Radio Canale Italia in collaboration with Radio Story Time.

Dario Cardile starts talking about how the idea of Kaaja was born: "In the past I bought and sold houses all over the world and returned to Italy I saw the difficulties and the complexities that there are in the process. [...] We encountered (Dario Cardile and Paolo Castelletti, CMO and CO-Founder) many difficulties and realized that there was a great opportunity in the market to simplify the process". 

Then he explains where the name of the startup comes from: "Kaaja in the cabal means skilled merchant but also honest". Important meaning because it is the idea that they want to convey with their services for the buy and sale of property characterized, indeed, by transparency, simplicity and speed in concluding transactions. 

Dario Cardile spoke at Story Time on 24/11/2022.


Kaaja is an Italian proptech company that has created the first platform to support real estate Servicers and Investors through solutions that support them throughout the entire management and sale process of real estate properties. The company offers an entirely innovative process through the best digital technologies and highly qualified professionals. Launched by Dario Cardile and Paolo Castelletti in February 2021, after their experience in the US market, Kaaja aims to simplify real estate sales and management in Italy.

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