Art Building Milan apartments on auction with HomesToPeople (now Kaaja): the Milanese building that connects Man and Art

A unique complex, enriched by sculptures and paintings by internationally renowned artists: 14 apartments will be available for purchase online on, the first company in Italy for buying and selling properties via a digital private auction.

The building was designed by the well-known entrepreneur Giorgio Pozzi with the aim of combining the world of construction and interior design with the one of art.

6.05.2021 2 minuti di lettura

The splendid apartments of Art Building Milano are now on sale on the website, the first real estate company for buying and selling a house quickly, safely and transparently through an online private auction.

There are 14 apartments on auction, including one-room and two-room apartments, some with private gardens and terraces of various sizes, all elegantly furnished; inside the Building there is a gym with TechnoGym machinery and equipment and a coworking space available to all apartment owners.

Located in Northern Milan near the emerging Bicocca area, the modern Art Building Milano is a project conceived by the visionary Giorgio Pozzi that stands out for its strong artistic component, which enriches the façade and common areas. In the eight-storey building, shared spaces and corridors are in fact adorned with "Pop Art" paintings by the artist Marco Grassi and sculptures such as "Mare" by Pablo Augusto Garelli, which recalls how water in the broad sense represented a fundamental resource for transport and urban development in Milan, and as Matteo Berra's “Fold”, the tallest sculpture in Milan, which represents the importance of the historic steel industry for the city. In the entrance hall is located  "Blue Sky", a dome that aims to transform the landscape of the vaulted ceiling into a celestial vision and which, through the lighting composed of 3000 pieces, is presented by day in white and night in blue color.

“Being chosen by Giorgio Pozzi for such a unique and interesting project as Art Building Milano is an honor for us. These properties are of great quality and in an ideal location for professionals, young couples and singles, who are looking for a combination of location and exclusivity, between modernity and art. For us it is an important opportunity to also promote prestigious properties, at a good market price, simplifying the sale ", says Dario Cardile, CEO and co-founder of Kaaja.

"We are happy to have chosen to rely on HomesToPeople (now Kaaja) because it is a service capable of combining the advantages of digitization with the unique value of the human experience", explained Giorgio Pozzi, CEO of Art Building Milano, "We designed this building with the aim of merging the world of construction and interior design with the one of art, pure architectural creation with the beauty of sculptures and paintings. In fact, I strongly believe that in designing a house it is not enough to think only of what the people will need, but also of what they will find in front of their eyes every day. Beauty is essential to live well ".

All the properties managed by Kaaja are equipped with documentation certifying their status and it is possible to visit them in person or remotely until the day the auction closes.

“Kaaja auctions are safe private auctions, because the same platform guarantees the reliability of the service. The whole process is transparent because it is possible to evaluate every aspect of the property for sale through the documents available online and see the offers that are showed in real time. In this way the process is very simple and the auction mechanism allows to quickly reach the market price ", concludes Paolo Castelletti, CMO and co-founder of Kaaja.

The properties available for purchase via auction remain online on the Kaaja website for up to 6 weeks, during which time potential buyers can visit the properties and submit their offers. Once the auction ends, the preliminary agreement is signed online in a few days and the subsequent deed is sent to the notary.


Kaaja is a real estate company, founded to make buying and selling properties easier. Kaaja is the first company in Italy where people and companies can sell and buy properties through an entirely digital private auction. Fast, secure and transparent, the Company offers a truly innovative process leveraging the best digital technologies and highly qualified real estate agents. Founded by Dario Cardile and Paolo Castelletti in February 2021 - coming back from an experience on the US market - with the purpose to simplify real estate sales also in Italy, through the best technologies.

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