Who is a real estate agent ?

Who they are, what they do and how they became agents
29.08.2022 2 minuti di lettura

The real estate agent is the most famous professional among real estate players. Whether you sell or want to buy a property you will have to rely on an expert in the local area; so let’s find out who he/she really is. 

Who are they? 
The real estate agent is a familiar figure to most, often in jargon is defined as "the one who sells houses". A real estate agent is more than that, indeed he/she must have technical and relational skills and he/she has to be continually updated. This is because his/her work includes a wide range of knowledge from administrative, to legal, technical and communication.

The real estate agent is an industry professional who deals with mediating between the parties involved to conclude a deal. Being a mediator, the real estate agent takes care of both parties' interests and follows them throughout the negotiation process until the contract is signed. 

What do they do? 
The activities that an agent carries out on a daily basis are multiple and require time and knowledge, whether his client is selling or buying a house. Among the many stand out:

  • first contact: the first task of the real estate agent is to take care of those who want to sell a property, knowing how to listen and find solutions suitable for his needs;
  • property evaluation: the agent also takes care of the evaluation of your property and it is important to rely on an expert because in addition to giving a pure technical evaluation he carries out research on the trend of the market;
  • property promotion: the promotion is an important step to show your home and find potential buyers, to do this you take advantage of different media, such as: online real estate portals, search engines, newsletters and social media;
  • real estate tour: the agent organizes the agenda and takes possible buyers or renters to see the property. It is a delicate phase because the conclusion of the agreement may depend on the agent’s communication skills, which describe the property in its strengths and weaknesses;
  • bureaucracy: an agent is responsible for managing the contractual phases of a sale or lease in collaboration with other professionals such as notaries. He/She supports you in the collection of documents and take you until the deed or lease, checking that all documents, deeds and payments are in order;
  • mediation: an agent, as seen above, is a mediator for whom he/she deals with listening to the needs of both parties,  negotiating to conclude the agreement and make both parties happy.

These are the activities that the real estate agent must carry out to sell your house. In Kaaja we help the agent by relieving them of some of these tasks to allow them to dedicate themself completely to the seller and the buyer. This is while Kaaja’s teams focus on promoting your home, collecting documents and all the paperwork. 

How do you become agent? 
The real estate reality is complex and varied and to protect sellers and buyers, it is important that the agent is enabled. To be qualified means to possess the license that is released after having followed the formation course and passed the exam. During mandatory training, future real estate agents learn:

  • civil, tax and urban planning law;
  • taxation, financing and loans;
  • marketing, promotion and negotiation.

The subjects of study are many and intricate and it is important that the agent is always up to date on regulatory changes, new promotion techniques and about funding and mortgages.

Becoming an experienced real estate agent requires years of continuous training and experience in the field. For this reason, relying on a competent agent is essential for the success of the sale and purchase agreement and for a smooth and fast sales experience. 

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