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17.08.2022 2 minuti di lettura

In addition to the evaluation of the property, it is important to have all the documents relating to the house, to get to the deed prepared and with  no surprises. Let’s see together which are the main documents. 

Selling a house: documents to submit
As written in previous articles, selling a home is an important task that requires time, knowledge and experience. Indeed, together with the evaluation, it is necessary to find useful documents to proceed as fast and smoothly as possible to regular sale. Documents related to the sale of the property can be categorized as:
Owner's documents:

  • ID card; 
  • Tax code.
Property’s documents:


  • Home Energy Rating (HER): is a certificate describing the energy performance of the property. The certificate is mandatory for sale and is valid for 10 years. It can be issued by a HER-certified technician, as an architect or engineer; 
  • Legal deeds: it is a mandatory certificate that states how the property has become yours, because it could have been simply  purchased, donated or inherited. The document can be requested from the notary who has made the last change of ownership, or you can contact the district notary archive or Conservatoria dei Pubblici Registri Immobiliari;
  • Graphic Floor Plans: it is the technical drawing of the building from which the layout of the rooms is determined. A property inspection will be conducted to ensure that the drawing matches the actual condition. In case the document is lost, it can be requested to the Agenzia delle entrate/ tax office;
  • Work Permits: PDC, SCIA, DIA e CILA. It is mandatory to have these documents when selling a property, in case there have been works like new construction, renovation and maintenance activities. They are essential to compare them with the current state of the property and determine if there has been any unpermitted construction. These documents can be requested from the council.
  • Land Registry Detailed Certificate: document that presents all the identifying cadastral information of the property (urban area, land lot, parcel and subaltern, square meters, the number of rooms and the cadastral classification). The certificate can be issued by the former land registry, or at Agenzia del Territorio;
  • Condominium regulation: document that allows the future owner to know the condo rules. It has to be delivered only if the property for sale is located in a condo.

This is a delicate phase of the sale and purchase agreement and demanding transparency and seriousness from the agent is your right as for who will buy the property, because owning all the documents protect you, seller, from possible problems and guarantees the buyer that the house meets current regulations.

Collecting all these documents can be a real challenge, because it can be lost or no longer valid. This is why Kaaja offers you support in finding the documentation by recovering it personally in order to offer a fast and hassle-free sales experience.

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