Selling a house, what do you need to know?

Agency, property valuation and promotion of the property.

29.07.2022 3 minuti di lettura

People choose to sell houses for plenty of reasons: because it is a second home or it has been inherited or the family grows or you are changing cities and you want to sell and to buy a new one. For whatever reason you want to sell, here’s what you need to know before you start. 

Direct sale or with an agency? 
Those who decide to sell their own home without leveraging  the opportunities that the agencies offer, believing they have an economic saving by not paying the agency’s fees. Generally, this choice results in more time for selling, fewer bids and lower transaction values due to limited exposure and minimal competition. 
Not working with a real estate agent also means wasting time in understanding the procedures, consulting the documents and to batten down the hatches if there are mistakes. In addition, it is important to have good communication skills to advertise your property and know how to give value to it during visits. Another main skill is trading skills to get the asking price and not depreciate your own home. 

Selling a house with an agency that provides you with an expert real estate agent, simplifies the selling and you don’t have to worry about the bureaucratic tasks, because a professional knows how to find documents, certificates and assessments and how to read them. 
Finally, it is preferable to sell with a broker because buyers feel more protected when there is a professional involved so as to have the security that the house is in compliance with the law, avoid possible problems due to non-compliant processes and have the guarantee of a smooth transaction. 

How to choose a real estate agency ?
Preferring the agency closer to home because it is handy or the real estate agent because it makes a higher valuation than others, are not criteria to rely on. It is important, before entrusting your home to strangers, to do a research about  who is the agency, for example, considering which properties they manage and getting information  about the past experiences of buyers and sellers, making sure they live a good reputation. 

Next, it is important to ask which services they provide, the type of agreement they propose, whether exclusive licensing or not, and the specific activities they would take to enhance your property. In order to be clear, the agency must put into writing, within the agreement, all that has been said, specifying the costs of commissions and timing.
Finally, you need to make sure that the person who will take care of your property is a licensed and experienced real estate agent.

The property valuation
Evaluating a property is a key step in the sales process because overestimating it can keep your property unsold for months and force you to lower the price. This often happens when you rely on an agent who has evaluated the property incorrectly, or the seller has cling on to a price or you have counted on an online evaluator that can not be 100% reliable. 

Defining the market price of a property is not a simple job because you have to take into account several factors both quantitative and qualitative, those ones are more difficult to interpret and the algorithm can not incorporate them in the analysis. This is why it is important to rely on a real estate agency that will put at your disposal an expert agent for the evaluation and to follow you in the sales process.

With Kaaja, together with the evaluation of the property, the documents are checked. So, if you run into problems, our agent will be available to advise you and help you, which will result in a quicker closing phase.

Property promotion
The marketing activities of a real estate agency are aimed at pleasing your property to the right buyer and then selling it. To achieve this goal, the promotion activities are:

  • Valorize the property: in the announcement are published beautiful photographs with floor plans and virtual tours. Those are elements that add value to the property but require several hours for production.
  • Promotion: to make the property visible, advanced marketing techniques are implemented. The use of targeted communication channels and attractive graphics are not elementary activities and require knowledge and time, which are rewarded when the property is sold. 

Last part of the promotion of a property is to be present. Being active with customer service, ready to respond quickly and in detail to all the questions and doubts that buyers can have, is essential.
To sell a property, it is important to count on competent people to save time, get a proper valuation and not leave the house unsold for too long.

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