Best property presentation: images, content and publication

In order to facilitate the sale of a property it is of fundamental importance to pay the utmost attention to the presentation of the property. The images, the description and the ability to immediately consult the documents on the state of the property count.

3.06.2022 2 minuti di lettura

An image has the power to tell a story and attract the attention of those who are looking at it. All the more so if it is a property offered for sale. The right lights and a suggestive shot can work wonders, enticing those looking for a home to visit it. Not infrequently, however, this does not happen.

Kaaja stands out for the attention given to the image, presentation and description of the properties.

  • A professional and tailor-made photo shoot adds value to the property
    If the house is well proposed, the potential buyer also perceives a higher value.
    For each property on the site, Kaaja creates a professional photo shoot to arouse, at first sight, the interest of the potential buyer, highlighting the strengths of the property.
    And when it is not possible to take advantage of the photos, perhaps because the house is being renovated, or is waiting to be renovated, a rendering operation is used so that the published image can best describe all its merits.
  • Home staging to sell faster and better
    One of the pluses is the use of home staging, a marketing technique applied by specialized professionals who, with careful restyling of the house, enhance the property, making it more attractive for the buyer.
    The restyling can also be done with virtual staging - the same technique, the same objectives as home staging - except that everything is done virtually on the basis of the photos of the environments.
  • The virtual tour to visit the property from home
    To ensure greater visibility of the property for sale, Kaaja offers virtual tours, a solution that allows you to visit and better view the different rooms, simply by moving the mouse.
  • The documentation is complete and transparent
    But if the image of a property is important for the purposes of the sale, the opportunity offered by Kaaja to immediately consult the complete documentation of the house is equally relevant.
    This is the part that usually takes the longest. Because, before publishing the ad online, all the material (documents, certifications, floor plans and so on) must be collected and scanned, simultaneously obscuring sensitive data.
    The floor plans are also being revisited: in fact, ad hoc plans are created that are more easily understood by potential buyers.
  • Describe a property: words matter
    Then there is the whole part concerning the description of the property.
    Kaaja leaves nothing to chance giving priority to those information, images and videos that can best enhance the property. The descriptive texts are structured to highlight the strengths, enhancing the characteristics that most influence buyers in the final choice.
    The writing of the titles or the names of the properties are also designed to better communicate to potential customers and aimed at marketing activities.
  • Valuable additional information for sellers and buyers
    Finally, Kaaja carries out an accurate retrieval of all the information useful to the potential buyer, indicating, for example, the amount of taxes to be paid, any condominium rules to be observed and the amount of the rent that can be requested in case you want to give the leased property. Valuable information for the buyer but equally profitable for the agents who join the Kaaja network.

Attention to the presentation of the property put up for sale is necessary to be able to make the most of it and reach the conclusion of the transaction to the satisfaction of all the parties involved, as the agents who collaborate with Kaaja now know, starting with the Fimaa agencies, the Federation Italian business agents mediators, who, with the Milanese company, signed an agreement that offers members concessions to take advantage of all the tools that distinguish the new trading system promoted by Kaaja.

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