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7.07.2022 3 minuti di lettura

Supporting real estate agents and buyers in the course of a sale is Kaaja's mission. It is with this goal that the Milanese company makes a proprietary technology available to those involved that makes the entire process simpler, faster, more transparent and more. Because, thanks to technology, the fundamental driver of Kaaja's activities, agents can speed up the entire sales process, reduce bureaucracy times, increase turnover and optimize the results of their activities.

The importance of the blockchain in online documentation
It may happen that once in front of the notary it is discovered that the documentation is not compliant and the transaction is skipped. This risk can be avoided if, right away, one has the possibility to carry out the necessary checks.

In Kaaja, transparency is one of the key factors. To this end, each property on the site is equipped with relative documentation guaranteed by blockchain, that is, by a set of technologies which, functioning as a digital register, prevents the data contained therein from being modified or falsified, thus ensuring integrity. content. In practice, the property is equipped with a non-falsifiable digital identity.

Kaaja is the first company in Italy to have introduced the blockchain in the real estate industry through the notarization of all information on the asset. In this way, real estate agents, first of all, and potential buyers can, without wasting time, verify the authenticity, traceability and any updates of all information published online.

Automated calendars so you don't lose a single customer
Making an appointment to visit a property can be tiring because it is necessary to match the agent's commitments with those of the customer. Especially if the property is far from the buyer's place of residence.

Kaaja has developed the first real automated booking calendar which, for each property and for each agent, allows you to manage visits in all simplicity, autonomy and flexibility. This allows agents not to lose interested customers and not to go crazy with the phone calls, messages and emails needed to arrange meetings.
With the automated and shared calendar, those who want to schedule a visit can see which slots are available and decide the date and time. Once the reservation is made, the visit is confirmed without having to wait for further validations.

However, the Kaaja operations team is always available 7 days a week for all customers who want direct contact, relieving the agent from this activity, saving time and allowing him to focus only on the relationship with the real customers interested during the property visits.

From the offer to the purchase proposal: everything happens online
Whether you decide to buy through an auction or by choosing the more traditional 'Buy it now' option, with Kaaja, the whole process takes place online thanks to its proprietary technology, the backbone of the entire buying and selling process.

Digital is in fact the method by which to initially pay a deposit to guarantee the offer, using the credit card or by making a transfer via SEPA, as is the digital signature to be affixed on the purchase proposal which, once accepted and signed by the seller, again digitally, it automatically converts into a preliminary sales contract. The digital signature is another important tool made available by Kaaja which makes all online documentation legally valid. For real estate agents, all this equates to a great saving of time otherwise necessary, for example, to complete the paperwork, including filling out forms and whatever else is needed to get to the deed. All this is in fact the responsibility of the Kaaja team, which is able to carry out all the activities largely using the company's proprietary technology.

The deposit can also be paid online
Once the purchase proposal has been accepted, the buyer must pay a deposit equal to 10% of the offered amount within five days. Unlike what happened once, it is no longer necessary to use the check for the deposit. The sum is deposited in an account managed by Kaaja and released only when all the conditions set out in the contract are met.

A dedicated team for promotion, profiling and communication
Kaaja provides its partners with a highly qualified team and among the best in Italy which, among other things, has developed an algorithm useful for identifying the most appropriate target to which to allocate the promotional activities.

Data-driven marketing, through the use of these algorithms, guarantees customization in the navigation of the site, in the display of images, in the updating of the contents published on the portals and in the sending of advertising messages to the reference user. These actions help increase the number of contacts, resulting in savings in budget and time.

During marketing activities, the collection of data and the use of algorithms, provide the real estate agent with an additional valid tool to speed up the sales process as well as to find relevant and useful information even during the visit to the property by the potential buyer. The agent is thus free once again from a whole series of tasks. As the agencies that adhere to the network can already testify, starting with the Fimaa members who, thanks to the agreement signed with Kaaja, can take advantage of more favorable conditions throughout the purchase and sale process.

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