The house is sold, what is the next step?

Here is the list of what you should do
3.09.2022 2 minuti di lettura

Congratulations, your house is sold! The administrative tasks to be done are not completed, after the collection of documents, the purchase agreement and the deed, there are still some small things to settle. Let’s see what are the last steps to finalize and formalize the final transfer of ownership.

Communication of property transfer
Once the property is sold, it is important to warn those who needt that the house is now owned by others. With the declaration issued by the notary, the first communications to be made are:

  • to the Municipality;
  • to the central police station in the Municipality;
  • to the condo’s administrator: if the property sold is part of a condo or a house’ complex that requires the presence of an administrator. They  must be notified of the arrival of the new owner so that they can charge the condo fees from the date of the deed.

The taxes 
Communicating the transfer of ownership to the Municipality is important in order to address the taxes to be paid to the correct recipient. Specifically, with regard to the TARI, taxes on urban solids, it is essential to communicate the transfer of ownership quickly, immediately after the deed, to avoid payments problems. 

Taxes, such as TASI, TARI and IMU, are calculated monthly and must be paid for the months of ownership. The seller has to settle the remaining taxes of the months in which the property was still their property, if not exempt. In addition, if you are selling your house and you sign the deed within the first 15 days of the month, you will not have to worry about paying the taxes for that month because  it will be the buyer’s responsibility.

Another crucial issue is the management of utilities, such as water, gas and electricity. The sale and purchase agreement needs to report the buyer preference about utilities. Whether to cancel the previous contracts and then sign a new one or perform a transfer of registration, replacing the previous owner. 

The transfer of registration is the change of header of the bills, so you must communicate to the managing authority the data of the new owner as soon as possible after the signing of the deed. 

If your house is subject to insurance for protection against particular harmful events, you should remember to contact the insurance company to communicate the change of ownership.

It will be up to the buyer to cancel the policy within 10 days from the deed, if not interested or would like to take out its own. In the event that the new owner does not contact the insurance company he/she will continue to use the contract signed by the previous owner with the premium, to be paid, and already defined protections.

The new address
In case of selling a house and moving, all services should be informed of the new address of residence. First of all, it is essential to communicate this to the City hall, the bank, the workplace, the INPS and the post office. Then, you need to update the address information for all other services you subscribe to, such as magazines, e-commerce, and delivery.

Now your house is sold, all the assets have been popped up! If you want to sell, Kaaja offers you a personalized service and follows you at every stage of the sale.  

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