Customer service and support for real estate agents. The Kaaja's operations team works 7 days a week

7.07.2022 2 minuti di lettura

Also in the real estate field, the new competitive challenge is largely based on the timeliness and proactivity of the relationship with the customer. For this reason, Kaaja has invested in the creation of an operations structure that allows it to provide the best possible response to customers' needs and to do so in immediate times.

A unique service that is already available for Fimaa members.
Thanks to a specific agreement, the Italian Federation of Business Agents Brokers has facilitated access to the innovative and unique buying and selling process prepared by the Milanese company.

It can certainly be said that the operations team acts as a real alter ego of the real estate agent.

Highly qualified and experienced, the operations team offers added value that is difficult to find in a real estate agency.
In fact, it expertly manages, determining their high quality, the services related to the mediation activity in the sale and purchase of real estate objects. And at the same time it frees the agent from many tasks that are not central to his profession, allowing him to put his expertise in brokerage and real estate consultancy to good use.

Operational throughout the week, seven days a week, competent in specific real estate matters and informed about all the objects in the agency's portfolio, its members are responsible for the flow of communication between the agency and potential customers. With their work, they relieve the real estate agent of any task by enhancing his figure and his role in carrying out the visits to the properties.

By responding promptly and competently to every request from the interlocutor, the team represents an invaluable resource. In fact, at any time of the day it can be reached through your favorite channel - whether by phone, whatsapp, email ... - to obtain information on the properties being promoted, make an appointment or move it, ask for explanations on the online documentation and much more. Duties that are normally the responsibility of the agent.

What are, in more detail, the prerogatives of the operations team?
This particular and competent working group supports the activities of the agent and his agency by solving problems such as, for example:

Management of the appointment agenda
thanks to the Kaaja platform, visits are always updated in real time. Without wasting any time or worry, every day the agent prepares for a series of meetings that have been set up on their own behalf;

Management of the relationship with potential customers
Support, guide and accompany potential buyers in each of the steps that, starting from the first appointment, precede a possible sale. In the phase preceding a visit, the team works to ensure that the appointment is qualified. How? Dissolving any possible doubt about the type of property that the visitor has taken into consideration, its characteristics, position, the pluses of the area in which it is located and more. By evaluating his real interest. The meeting will thus be targeted and profitable for both the customer and the agent; it won't turn into a waste of time for both of you;

Post first appointment
in the phase following the first appointment, assist the customer in the path that leads him to a possible purchase proposal, always keeping the contact alive with a proactive and proactive spirit. Therefore fixing further visits to the same object already viewed, or to others of possible interest; providing additional information on the property taken into consideration and removing any doubts that may arise, facilitating a positive definition of the negotiation. And, again, by updating the customer who is not informed on financial aspects (such as the request for a mortgage) or even tax.

The contribution of the operations team, as Kaaja conceived and established it, facilitates and therefore speeds up the path that leads to the sale. For the real estate agent, what results is a well-planned activity, more qualified and qualifying, more profitable.

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