Selling house is not a zero cost operation

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19.08.2022 2 minuti di lettura

If you decide to sell your house, you will have to bear some costs such as the agent’s commission and the notary who will draw up the documents of the sale. But there are also some accessory costs to sell your home quickly and smoothly, let’s see them. 

The real estate agency fees
As anticipated, if you decide to sell your house by relying on a real estate agency and then an agent, you will have to reward him/her for the work done. Once you have chosen the agency, in the contract that you will sign: costs, price of sale, timing of sale and activities that the agent will carry out to conclude the sale will be stated. In addition, it will state the commissions, which are typically up to 5% of the final sale price of the property plus VAT.
It may seem expensive, but agents perform many tasks, including:

  • to carry out the evaluation of the property, you can read the dedicated article here
  • to promote the property with related activities, detailed in the article "Promote your home";
  • to make a list of possible clients and to manage house tours;
  • to offer a consulting service.

Notary fees
Good news for those who sell, according to Art. 1475 of the Codice Civile, the buyer of the property must bear the notary fees and as a consequence can also choose the notary to draw up the documents. The seller has a say in the matter, if special arrangements have been made.
Certain situations require that the seller pay charges:

  • when you have to pay out a mortgage;
  • if you have an active loan, you must pay it out before signing the contract of sale;
  • if you are selling an inherited property, a transcript of the acceptance of inheritance is required;
  • if you sell the first house within 5 years of the deed without making a new purchase, it will be necessary to liquidate the capital gain that is derived from it. 

Costs of documents' regulation
As explained in another article, the documents are an important element because the sale and purchase agreement is fast, smoothly and regular. For this reason it is essential to get back the necessary documents with the help of your trusted agent, also Kaaja can help you collect it, simplifying your sales experience.
Documents, certifications and deeds are important to own and must be requested from the competent offices, but what costs can arise? Some of the most common cases are:

  • the issuance of the necessary documents from the state offices requires a payment;
  • the lack of key certifications, such as the HER, involves the work of a technician and therefore his/her remuneration;
  • the amnesty of any unpermitted construction in the past.

There is an additional expense: preparing the property 
Selling a house is not easy, but if you want to maximize your income and sell quickly it can be useful to spend time and money on the house presentation. To make your home beautiful, you don't need major renovations, but there are small things you can do to enhance it and bring out its potential. Often small works such as: painting, emptying the property from personal and excess details, as well as redefining the spaces can be enough to make the possible buyer feel at home.

As you can see, selling a home is not a zero cost operation. But paying a real estate agent, who does a lot of the work, and owing all the documents, even paying them, are expenses that you can not give up.

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