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Let’s see clearly among real estate operators
26.08.2022 2 minuti di lettura

In Italy, real estate has always gathered great attention, because it is traditionally believed that owning a house is better than being a tenant. For this reason, real estate professionals are increasingly sought after and specialized.

Estate agent  
The real estate agent is the most known figure, and his/her task is to put the seller in contact with the buyer or the owner of the property with the renter. His/her goal is to conclude the sale or lease agreement in order to receive the commissions. 

A real estate agent in order to be qualified for the profession must possess the license that is issued after attending the training course for real estate agents and having passed the exam. An agent in their role as mediator shall be impartial from the parties involved and take them to the conclusion of the agreement. From seller side, he/she takes care of the whole process from the assignment acquisition, to the promotion and customer search, moreover he/she takes care of all the bureaucratic formalities to get to the deed. On the buyer side, he/she responds to all needs by showing the properties and supporting them until the conclusion of the agreement.

Real Estate Consultant VS  Agent
Often the real estate consultant is confused with the real estate agent who is more familiar. They are different figures, but both work in real estate and participate in real estate sales, although they have different skills.

A real estate consultant is a third party to whom you can turn if you want to sell or buy a house, whether it is through an agent or privately. A consultant offers several vertical customer support services to follow each sales step. Generally, it is a very technical service and can be of different types: contractual, commercial, technical, urban planning, marketing and financial. The real estate consultant can be:

  • A consultant without qualification, in this case is a technical figure, as a surveyor or architect, who offers advice based on their training and experience. Due to their lack of habilitation and license, they cannot participate in mediation and cannot receive the commission. 
  • A licensed consultant is a professional figure who must follow the same training path as the real estate agent in order to obtain the qualification. 

The consultant differs from the agent because he/she is biased, that is, he/she takes care of the interests of the buyer or the seller depending on the situation, as opposed to the agent who moderates between the two actors to conclude the agreement. 

Property finder
He/She is a real estate expert, in charge of finding a property on behalf of a buyer. He/She  takes care exclusively of the interest of a part and for this can be called a real estate consultant. 
A property finder is dedicated to responding to the needs of the buyer by offering a personalized service and for this will receive compensation only from the buyer. 

Selling and buying a house is a demanding job, so it’s important to rely on real estate experts, who evaluate the properties, help you collect documents, and suggest changes to the house to conclude the contract. 

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