Property valuation: is it always advisable to rely on the agent with the highest valuation?

To estimate the value of a property, there are very specific procedures that take into account a series of factors that contribute to the definition of the final price.

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In addition to the size of the housing unit, it is necessary to consider other aspects including, for example, the location where the property is located, the state of maintenance, exposure, the possible presence of a terrace or garden, the view, the plan, the energy class, the presence of a garage or parking space and so on.

Everything is then re-adjusted to local market values. Where to find them? Several databases, including that of the Revenue Agency, which can be consulted online, make these values ​​available, including historical series. However, it should be remembered that the experience of an experienced real estate agent in the area is also essential.

Sometimes, it can happen that real estate agents overestimate a property to win the mandate or to satisfy the requests of the seller who, unaware of the dynamics of the market, is led to think that his house is better than the others.

However, it is not always advisable to rely on those who promise the greatest collection because, if the value is out of market, at least, the property remains unsold for a long time and you end up having to lower the price, even significantly, in order to sell it.

Understanding if the agent is good and professional is important and the best is not necessarily the one he says he can sell at the highest price. Evaluating the seriousness and professionalism of the agent and the agency is therefore always essential.

To ensure transparency, the appraisals carried out by Kaaja provide for the a priori analysis of all the documentation relating to the property, starting from the floor plans and cadastral surveys, with the aim of arriving at a correct estimate. But not only. Kaaja crosses different databases using the most advanced algorithms. The evaluation is then completed with the experience of a real estate agent who goes to see the house and analyzes the documents. And also from the evaluation process you can understand the seriousness of the agent and the agency.

Once the appropriate checks have been made, if the documentation is compliant and in order, you can start with the sale through the different methods (auction or 'buy it now') offered by Kaaja.
At this point, Kaaja proposes to sign an exclusive sales mandate with one of the agencies that adhere to the network.

On the contrary, if the documentation shows irregularities or deficiencies, Kaaja is able to offer an additional service to regularize and complete it.

he auction itself is also a useful tool that helps to understand what the market actually feels about a certain property because it puts potential buyers in competition.

To give an example, if a property is overestimated and is put up for auction at a certain price, it is very likely that bids are scarce and even more bids. Because those who have to buy a house in a certain place and with certain characteristics are informed (today with the internet it takes very little) and get an idea of ​​how much it could actually cost. But if the base price is right and the property meets the expectations of the buyers, the interested parties will very easily 'compete' to win it until, thanks to the auction mechanism, the best possible price is reached, to the full satisfaction of both those involved. sells, both of those who buy because they know they have paid the right price.

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