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Making buying and selling real estate properties simple, transparent and secure is the mission of Kaaja, a real estate service company and private online auctioneer.

28.04.2022 2 minuti di lettura

After a long experience in the US in the auction sector, its founders, Dario Cardile and Paolo Castelletti, have developed an innovative technological platform that has no equal in Italy. And that is capable of supporting agents in their daily work by simplifying, making the path of every single real estate transaction transparent, highly efficient and secure, both in the case of a private auction and in the classic sale.

All this, with an absolutely positive impact on sales performance and on the relationship between customer and agent - whose professional role is certainly not disintermediated but, on the contrary, valued and made central throughout the process.

For real estate agents, the collaboration with Kaaja offers a set of solutions that cannot be found elsewhere: access to an exclusive and innovative technology, a team capable of creating and managing advanced digital marketing strategies, a team entirely dedicated to operations active seven days out of seven. The advantages offered by the partnership with Kaaja are undeniable. Its proprietary technology, for example, allows you to make an appointment for a visit online at any time - on the dates and times agreed with the agent and verified in real time at the time of booking. An excellent opportunity for the potential buyer - who does not need to be contacted by an agency employee - but also a benefit for the agent, whose agenda is constantly evolving.

The technology platform allows an agent not only to collect bookings for visits, but also to hold a private auction, collect bids digitally and make property documents available even directly from their agency's website, obtaining the participation of their contacts.

The technological aspect is flanked by the organizational one managed by a fully dedicated, multilingual operations team, active seven days a week. What is its role? Assist the agent in all contact and back office activities with buyers and sellers, saving time that can be dedicated to increasing your business.
For example, the operations team collects the material and photos on the properties, creates the virtual tours, catalogs all the documentation - possibly recovering what is missing - and takes care of every aspect useful for their advertising. For customers, he is an always present and available interlocutor in providing information and support for any need.

Finally, as regards the promotion of the property, Kaaja takes care of all the costs and provides a specialized team with over twenty years of experience. It works with the best media to get maximum visibility and is able to guarantee, for each proposal, the generation of appointments with potential qualified buyers without any intervention by the agent. Each qualified contact interested in a proposal is cultivated and accompanied towards finalization in a win-win perspective.

The use of the platform and the Kaaja team has no fixed cost for the agent. The activities are remunerated only in the event of the property being sold.

The professional experience and the predisposition of the Kaaja founders for innovation also led them to take advantage of the advantages offered by the Blockchain, a tool that allows, for example, to create a digital identity for each property that can be recovered in any moment, even after the sale. The identity contains all the information relating to the registered object and keeps track of each update, guaranteeing its authenticity.

An additional element chosen in the name of professionalism and transparency.

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