A new way of living the house

Co-living and multifamily 
7.11.2022 2 minuti di lettura

The new generations have always been the watershed between the past and the present and today have introduced new residential modes, also dictated by technology and global influences.
Let’s find out what the new trends are.

Changing demographics and technologies, as well as globalization's new trends, have determined how young people live at home.That, unit to new lifestyle as work from home, e-commerce and new buildings structure, where coexist coworking and multifunctional spaces and the basic services, have changed the needs. Social and economical factors are  influencing the real estate market, indeed:

  • the reduction in the birth rate: that leads to fewer large households, leaving room for one or two families’ members. This means that the demand for properties is focused on small apartment;
  • the economic convenience: the lease seems more accessible than the purchase of a property, although 90% of the under 40 want a home ownership.

In this context with trends and preferences continuously evolving, the supply is not aligned to the demand. Most of the properties in the market are big and old, have no services and technologies systems, and moreover do not respect green politics. 

What are young people searching for?
For the reasons mentioned above, the young people are looking for a new or recently refurbished house, small-medium size, with saving energy systems and technological devices to better control and to improve house efficiency. Moreover, the trends leads young people to try new experiences in condo, where are granted multiples services, such as:

  • common space: fitness area, garden or terrace, multifunctional spaces and coworking rooms;
  • service as locker for delivering orders, concierge service, laundry, parking lot for cars, motorcycle, bike and push scooter and charging station for electric cars.

From those needs highlights the difficulty to find the perfect house that meets the young needs. For these reasons young people want to try new experiences in new or renovated apartments that give new ways of living at home, such as: co-living and multifamily. 

Co-living e multifamily
What differentiates these two residential types are: the services offered, the contract and the target.

The concept behind co-living is the sharing, that can be of common spaces or an inter apartment. Model that attracts mainly young professionals who want to focus on their working and private lives, living in a context with all the comforts. Indeed, the services offered are many and suitable for the lifestyle and work of young people who are always busy and in a hurry. In addition, co-living contracts are not limited to establishing a lease but also offer all-inclusive formulas including household utilities and property maintenance. 

Unlike, the multifamily is a way of renting that is mainly aimed at families or couples with children. Generally, they have fewer services and common areas than co-living, and also this type is provided for innovative management of the apartments. 

The demand in Italy for these residential forms is still limited, on the contrary in foreign countries, in particular Anglo-Saxons, these modalities depopulate. In Italy, perhaps the only structure that offers this type of location is located in Milan in Parco della Vittoria: the Flat Tower. The Italian real estate operators argue that we are still in an embryonic phase but that in the coming years there will be a growing demand for these types of houses and lease contracts.

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