Kaaja for real estate agencies: offer a better service and expand business

Working in the real estate industry requires specific professional skills and adequate human characteristics. But today, those who intend to build a solid path to increase profits for themselves and their customers must be even better equipped.

10.05.2022 2 minuti di lettura

To reach success on the complex market of the third millennium, it is important that the real estate agent can concentrate on the qualifying part of the profession by getting rid of the many aspects of ordinary management, such as, for example, preparing the materials relating to the apartments in the portfolio and promoting them to find the most suitable buyers, fix and confirm or move appointments for visits, manage the problems that arise during a negotiation.

Not all real estate agencies are structured with staff and services able to follow all aspects with the attention and professionalism necessary and, even more so, those who decide to open their own agency may be frightened by the costs that must be incurred to put in place. sell a property and follow the whole process up to the definition of the sale, before even knowing if it will collect the commission.

With this in mind, Kaaja has designed a service made up of professionals with specific skills and supported by a revolutionary proprietary digital platform, deciding to make it available to real estate agents interested in building a distinctive career path.
All this by taking care of the entire investment, without providing any fixed cost for the partners, but simply through remuneration only in the event of a sale.

The service is based on 4 pillars:
  • an onboarding team able to support the agent in the activities to allow the publication of the property: from the organization of the photo shoot to the support in finding documents, from the compilation of descriptions to the creation of the 3D virtual tour;
  • a marketing team that promotes the property, at Kaaja's expense, on the most popular online advertising platforms, leveraging over 20 years of digital experience to find the most suitable buyers for each property for sale;
  • an operations team that responds to customers via telephone, chat and email, 7 days a week in Italian and English, to make appointments for visits to the properties for sale according to the availability of the agents but also providing valuable assistance in the collection phases '' offer and subscription of the purchase proposal;
  • a unique technology in Italy that simplifies the customer experience and allows him not only to book visits to the properties of interest in real time but also to submit an offer and complete the digital signature of the purchase proposal, in total safety and without wasting time.

In addition, with Kaaja you can choose to sell the property online through a direct process or through a private digital auction that guarantees total transparency and security to the parties.

The services offered to agents have positive repercussions on several fronts.
Customers are happier because they have received better service. A better service thanks to Kaaja's team and technology but also from the real estate agent who, relieved of many activities that he no longer has to do, can focus his attention and time on the relationship with customers. Not only that, he can now devote himself only to genuinely interested buyers, also using his time to acquire new sales mandates and increase his turnover.

The results achieved within a few months of its launch are the best evidence of the effectiveness of Kaaja's proposal and the services offered, especially to those who intend to operate independently.
In just a few months of activity, Kaaja has reached over 200,000 active buyers in searches, engaging in over 15,000 conversations by phone, email, chat. More than 1,500 appointments have been set up with qualified buyers and many dozen online auctions managed in different locations throughout Italy.

Results that convince, among the first, Fimaa, the Italian Federation of business agents mediators. The organization recently signed an agreement with Kaaja, obtaining easy access for its members to the innovative buying and selling process set up by the young Milanese company.

Last but not least is about the way in which Kaaja has decided to put his service on the market for real estate agents. No fees or fees to be paid in advance. Kaaja participates in the business risk of the real estate agents with whom he collaborates: he invests out of his own pocket to promote the properties and is remunerated only in the event that the sale is achieved through the recognition of a share of the agency commissions.

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