How to buy home without risk

Check out these tips 

12.09.2022 2 minuti di lettura

Buying a property is one of the most important expenses and investments that a person chooses to face, be it a first home or a second home. Whatever the case, it is essential to have only certainties and every doubt must be dispelled. 

These are our tips for a risk-free purchase: 

  • Clarify your needs 

Before dealing with such a significant purchase it is relevant to define:

    1. the purpose: is a primary residential use, is a second home or is an investment;
    2. the budget;
    3. the area;
    4. the characteristics that the house must respect: how many square meters, how many rooms and bathrooms, whether terraces, balconies, garden, cellar and parking space are needed...
    5. what are the needs: have housing autonomy, create a family, need more space, must be close to the workplace or specific services…

      Setting your priorities will simplify the search for the property.
  • Compare the houses you visit and ask questions to choose the best option 

When you visit a property not only look at the beauty, but observe the distribution of space, the quality of the materials used and ask about utilities. Ask questions about the structure, whether it has been renovated, whether you can make changes to the distribution of the rooms. If you are purchasing a property in a condo or residence, you must be aware of the neighbors, about the services present and the rules to be respected. 

Ask since when the property is for sale, when it will be available for moving in and whether the price is negotiable.

  • Check the property’s documents 

Check if the mandatory documentation is available and updated, so you will not run into problems and unpleasant situations when you are writing the deed or applying for the mortgage.

Indeed, for example, it is not taken for granted that the property is stacked in the correct typology and it is also important to verify that the floor plan of the property corresponds with the current state to obtain the approval of the expert, required to validate the mortgage application.

  • Check the systems 

Electrical, gas, water, air conditioning and heating systems should also be checked. If any malfunctions emerge that would involve parts to be replaced or reparation  works to be carried out, you can inform the owner. In this circumstance, you could try to lower  the price or to ask for the works to be done by the seller. 

In situations like these, the agent plays a important role because he/she highlights the problems of the house and suggests how to behave, thanks to her/his experience and knowledge.  

  • Concerning expenses and taxes

Every property has expenses. If the property is inside a condo or a residence, check  annual expenses, extra paid services and if there are planned works in the common areas. 
In any case it is necessary to check if there are any unpaid expenses by the owner and take into account the different taxes to be paid for the purchase of the house, mortgage and cadastral,  the notary fees.

  • Read the purchase contract and the clauses

Before closing the agreement with the seller, it is important to carefully read the proposed purchase, the clauses and conditions imposed. Once you have signed the purchase proposal you will not be able to go back and renegotiate the purchase, so it is essential to read what has been written. 

The house purchase is an important step in the life of a person or a couple, because, not only must it reflect current needs, but also future ones, so it is good to take all the time needed and have an answer to every doubt. 
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