How to evaluate your property

Valuation is the key to success. 
5.08.2022 2 minuti di lettura

The evaluation of the house is an important step in the sales process, which is why you should hire an expert and because, you, the owner, could overestimate the price, because of the sentimental bond.
Let’s learn more about what you need to do to better evaluate your property.

Evaluate the property by yourself
If you want to evaluate your property without the support of professionals, you need to know it’s a real challenge. This is because there are many factors to take into account both regarding the house and the real estate market of the area. So, to sell without the support of an experienced figure, you need to have a lot of patience and free time to work hard on:

  • analyzing of the characteristics of your home;
  • finding the documentation;
  • studying the development of real estate supply and demand in the area. 

Many online real estate agencies provide online evaluators, where you got to add the data of the property, click on the "Calculate" button and wait for the processing by the algorithm. Generally, the market value you get is not accurate, because the data are generic or too few, for example, where the real estate market is not very active, it's difficult to find accurate information about comparable properties. Moreover, using online evaluators, other factors are not considered, such as:

  • the documentation and certifications of the systems;
  • the interiors, the materials used, the layout of the spaces, the presence of outdoor areas or garages...
  • the inspection of the house that may reveal possible problems;
  • the area and the neighborhood. 

These are some of the elements that can make the difference that an online calculator or a first-person evaluation does not take into account, so it is essential to rely on a realtor if you want to sell your house quickly and at the right price.

Rely on an expert 
A professional valuation is crucial for entering the market with the right price and not missing any details. The evaluation of the property can be carried out by different professionals such as: real estate agents, surveyors or architects. The main difference is that the real estate agent determines the value by evaluating the property itself, the area and the current real estate market, while a technician presents a purely technical valuation of the status of the home. If the goal is to sell, you also need to know the market trends, and a real estate agent is the best professional to help you. A realtor has knowledge and tools that allow him to perform his evaluation work to the fullest. For a correct evaluation, there are three main activities:

  • collection of documentation: it is important for a good evaluation that the real estate agent has all the documents concerning the house, the plants, the past renovations...  
  • inspection of the property: useful to verify the data in the documents, such as square meters, the commercial area and the layout of the rooms. At this stage, the agent also checks the structure of the house, materials, finishes and other details; in addition, also they check the appliances and services in the area;
  • market analysis: it is important to analyze the demand and supply of real estate in the area where the property is located, with a particular focus on properties recently sold or for sale that are similar to yours.

As you can guess, evaluating a property is not easy, so you should rely on an expert who can give an objective and detached opinion on its market value.

The Kaaja's evaluation
Kaaja has implemented an evaluation method aimed at the rapid realization of the sale that takes advantage of market data and the experience of a real estate agent. To get the evaluation of your home:

  • complete the form on the Kaaja website by entering the required data;
  • you will be contacted for any documents and additional information about the property;
  • an inspection of the property will be organized with an experienced agent of your area;
  • you will receive the property evaluation in a few days.

Instead of leaving yourself in doubt that you did not take all elements into consideration, or that you made a mistake because of emotion, entrust an expert to value the property correctly based on its characteristics and the market trends.

Discover how to sell with Kaaja, visit the website or give a call.

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