How to choose a real estate agency?

Some advice

1.08.2022 3 minuti di lettura

Relying on a real estate agency is useful because they take care of selling your house, organizing visits and promoting it, so you can save time to dedicate to your favorite activities. The only effort is to choose the agency, let’s see what you have to be careful of and what to ask for. 

Characteristics  of the realtor and the agency.
A real estate agent in order to carry out his mediation activity must have a license, so he must have followed the training course, passed the exam and obtained a license. In addition, he must be signed up in the companies registration list at the Camera di Commercio in the province where they work and finally, they had to own insurance to cover their own risks and to protect customers.

Do not be cheated by those who do not have the license, because only an authorized real estate agent can sign a sales mandate, a purchase or a sales contract which are legally valid. Moreover, they can take customers to visit the properties and follow the negotiation. 

To be sure that a real estate agent is authorized, you can check by yourself consulting the Camera di Commercio. As well, you can control if the real estate agency, which you want to rely on, is a legitimate business, because it can be opened only if the CEO of the company is a licensed real estate agent. 

Real estate agency listing agreement and commissions
When you go to a real estate agency to sell your house you can choose to give the exclusive selling mandate or keep more alternatives open by offering the agreement to more companies. 

  • The exclusive mandate allows the agent who will take care of it to concentrate more in all activities and to give you the necessary support, because for him it is a real mandate.
  • The non-exclusive mandate let multiple agencies manage the property. In many cases, this results in finding on the market different descriptions and prices for the property, creating confusion and doubt in the mind of the buyer. 

When you sign a contract with an agency, you will be required to pay commissions  when the deal is done, at the preliminary contract. 
Generally, the fee is between 3% and 5% of the final sale price to which to add 22% VAT.

Useful documents for the sale
In order for a sale to be fast and smooth, it is important to provide all the documents to the agent who will take care of your house and be completely honest about the possible problems that the house could have. 

Hiding problems, not presenting all the documentation and relying on an agency that does not take care of the documentation will lead you to have troubles with the deed. Indeed, unpleasant surprises and complex bureaucratic issues can arise. This not only slows down the transfer of the house, but puts it at risk because the buyer may no longer want a house with problems to fix or will not want to wait for the regularization or recovery of documentation. 

This is why a competent agency, such as Kaaja, is committed to collecting the fundamental documentation, checking it and in the case of incongruity, shortcomings or errors helps you to correct it and get the missing one.

The property valuation with agency
The property valuation is crucial to define the price at which the property will be sold.The evaluation can be done by a real estate agent, who will take into account the particular characteristics of the property, some of these are:

  • Square footage and cost per square meter of the property;
  • If there are appliances such as balconies, terraces, garage or parking space...
  • The energy class
  • The status of the property 
  • The area and services in the neighborhood .

If the house is inside a condo, the structure of the entire building, the status of the services present and the documentation relating to meetings and condominium fees will be verified. 

Services to sell the property
A specialized real estate agency not only offers mediation services between seller and buyer but it creates confidence with other activities aimed at the sale of the house, including:

  • The valuation of the property 
  • Support in finding the documentation
  • The publication of the property 
  • Property promotion with marketing techniques. 

Kaaja, not only supports you with these activities, but provides a customer service active every day and advertises the property in Italy and abroad,broadening the number of possible buyers. To speed up the sale Kaaja provides to the buyer all the documents of the property, as well, appointments, visits and offers can be made online to make the purchase experience pleasant and less stressful.

A real estate agency with a team of specialized and competent people allows you to have a correct evaluation of the property, helps you in the collection of documents and knows how to value and advertise your house, to join the real estate market with a perfect home. 

Discover how to sell with Kaaja, visit the website or give a call.

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