CILA, CILA, SCIA and Building Permit

What and when are they needed? 
11.11.2022 2 minuti di lettura

Do you want to sell a house but you need to do some work to make it more attractive? Or have you bought a house but you have to renovate it? Do you know who to call and what works to perform, but what documents do you have to submit? This is the guide for you. 

Renovate without any worries
Before starting the renovation works, it is important to have a clear idea of what shape the house should take. Whether it is small changes or large works, it is good to have in mind a defined project, with the changes that you want to make, the order of the work, the materials to be used and the budget to be respected.

Whether it is destined to the sale or the house, three are the macro types of intense activities that can be realized: 

  1. ordinary maintenance: these include the replacement and updating of the houses’ finishes and that provide for an almost fast renovation. This is the most common case, and recommended, if you want to make the house neater and cozy to sell it. The Kaaja guide "3 advices to sell your perfect house" illustrates some improvements to be made to highlight the strengths of your home without much effort;
  2. extraordinary maintenance: are interventions that involve the structural parts of the house, without altering the volumes and surfaces of individual units and do not change the intended use and the cadastral category of the property; 
  3. building renovation: it is the renovation that most affects the house. Indeed, it is possible to modify the structure, the volume and the width of the surface, by raising perimeter walls, building new areas of the house underground or above ground, or installing light artifacts.

Now, you know the type of work and it is important to be informed about the work permits. 

Work permits
The world of work permits can be complicated, but now we will clarify the concepts to face the renovation without worries.

  1. CILA: Comunicazione Inizio Lavori Asservita. Cila is necessary to do extraordinary maintenance work and does not involve structural changes. CILA has to be attached the technical certificate that ensures the respect of town-planning schemes, building regulations and earthquake and energetical rules. The works, you can do with CILA, are:
    • opening of internal doors and moving of walls that do not change the volume, structure and intended use.Therefore, fractionation and merging works are able;
    • temporary underground research works;
    • non-agricultural land movements;
    • seasonal mobile greenhouses, with masonry structures;
    • light and conservative restoration and reclamation;
    • realization of minor appliances.

  2. SCIA: Segnalazione Certificata Inizio Attività. SCIA allows to do huge and demanding works, such as:
    • extraordinary maintenance that affects the structural part of the property;
    • restoration and reclamation of the structural part;
    • the renovation of light construction including demolition and reconstruction while maintaining the same volume;interventions that do not change the intended use and the cadastral category of the property.

  3. Building permits: It must be required in the case of more incisive interventions that change the urban structure, in compliance with the town planning scheme and regulations. For a renovation the building permit is a necessary authorization for activities that increase the floor area, the change intended use and other interventions.

    To obtain the Building Permit, a more substantial documentation is required that includes 
    a technical report, the project and the certification of compliance with urban planning, building, health and safety regulations.

Renovating the house to make it more functional, energy efficient and customize every detail are the reasons why many interventions are started. While, other works are carried out to put the property in order and sell it, maximizing the gain and selling in a short time. 
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