3 advices to sell your perfect house

How to organize your house to sale visit 
25.10.2022 2 minuti di lettura

First impression is what counts when you try to sell a house, and a clean, smell nice and orderly house catches the attention of potential buyers. Here is our suggestion not to do wrong.

  1. Observe your houses  
    After evaluating the property, the real estate agent can suggest some changes to add value to your house to make it more attractive to potential buyers and increase its value. Looking at your home you will notice imperfections that you can no longer bear.

    Start from those details, which you notice, for sure to potential buyers will not go unnoticed to their eyes, to give the environment order and cleanliness.

    The house does not necessarily have to follow fashion and design, but assign each room a function, reorganize the spaces and eliminate the outdated and excess elements, are the first steps to bring out the potential of your property.

  2. Eliminate what is useless and check every details
    Eliminating old and overused elements is important to not communicate to the potential buyer that the house has been neglected over the years and therefore that there may be hidden problems more important than those of style. Here are some of our tips:

    • the kitchen and bathroom are the rooms that are analyzed more carefully by buyers. Bathroom fixtures, doors and cabinets dated and ruined must be removed and replaced or restored;
    • remove personal and obsolete furnishings and replace with few details that enhance the environment such as mirrors, paintings, flowers, books and candles;
    • replace the curtains on the windows, especially if worn, with new curtains that enrich the environment and give brightness;
    • faded, moldy and peeling walls should be painted. Light and neutral colors give the environment brightness and a sense of tranquility;
    • if you are performing masonry work, you can give more value to the house by redesigning some rooms of the house to make it more functional. Eliminating a wall, especially if the house is small in size, can make the house look more spacious and airy.

    In order for the house to be perfect during the visit, it is essential that you both checked details such as annoying noise, the operation of the systems and the arrangement of lights. Indeed, make sure that:

    • doors and windows do not produce annoying noises, in this case it is enough to do maintenance and not to completely change them. The replacement of doors and windows is suggested if they are worn and not anymore functional. Moreover, if you are already doing other works you could change doors and windows to guarantee more energy efficiency;
    • all the bright sources have to work properly, if they no longer function or if they produce a dim light it is necessary to replace them. At the same time, you can check that the light position give more value and highlight strong points of you home; t
    • the systems in the house work correctly such as water, electricity, gas, heating and other systems such as air conditioning, air recycling, central vacuum and, if present, home automation. 

  3. Do not forget external space
    If the house has external space such as a portico, a garden, a terrace and a balcony, it is important to organize anche clean them. Indeed, it would not be pleasant to present a garden with holes or a dirty terrace with laundry stretched. So here there are our suggestions to external space: 
    • clean the floors;
    • reorganize the outside space with chairs and table;
    • take care of flowers, plants and the garden cutting the grass;
    • if there is a swimming pool it is good to see it open, with clean water and at work to show that there are any systemic  problems.

A bright, neat and fragrant house captures the attention of buyers, who today are increasingly demanding. The attention to detail will surely be rewarded with the sale and with fair price. 
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